Thee Faction

I reckon we’ll just let the quotes do the talking.
Suffice to say this will be unmissable…..

“Floor-packed fist-raising fun”- Daily Mirror

“Wildly galvanising, blisteringly angry, insanely entertaining blue-collar rock’n’roll” -Mojo
“We are fighting a government of millionaires. Thee Faction are providing the soundtrack” -Mark Serwotka
“I love Thee Faction as chimps love bananas, as bankers love bonuses, as Jeremy Hunt loves Rupert Murdoch”- Francis Wheen
“Raging old-school R&B tunes and humour. Rife with the contagious energy of people who know they’re right.”-Q
“Even their titles are complex yet unambiguous, which I appreciate”- Jon Langford
“A brilliant live band. Sharply dressed and ready for action”- Morning Star
“Their power, particularly live, is driven by their burning sense of injustice in the current political climate. This is the real thing, a call to arms to make a better future.”- A Model Of Control
“Power-packed garage rock ‘n’ soul underlined by a defiantly political edge” -Daily Mirror
“100% fun. And they 100% mean it man”- Classic Rock
“A joyous celebration of socialism”- Huffington Post
“Actual full-on revolutionary socialist R’n’B. Imagine Dr Feelgood with a brainful of Gramsci or The Redskins with a sense of humour” -The Word
“Marxist lyrics, rhythm ‘n’ blues and punk-influenced tunes, a lively brass section, bouncy and energetic, great live!”- Socialist Worker
“Timely. I love these mad bastards”- Simon Price
“A brilliant (commie) soul review band”- Chris T-T
“A lot of fun, undeniably stirring.. Thee Faction write showstoppers”- Drowned In Sound
“If the blues was a blender it could pour out Thee Faction. Take equal parts Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, The Clash and anarcho-syndicalism” -Mick Farren
“Loud guitars and infectious horns.. a special band indeed. Socialism you can dance to”- Eco-Socialist
“In this present day when we’re constantly having mundane faecal matter flung at us by the mainstream music industry, when we’re angry about the shambles this government has herded us into, when we feel like we’re just about to lose faith, it’s a breath of fresh air when a band present themselves to save us. Meet Thee Faction”- God Is In The TV
“Bringing down the Tories one song at a time”- The Guardian