Backyard Burners


Backyard Burners have a raw country/bluegrass sound. Their extensive repertoire includes several bluegrass classics, a few more modern country numbers, some rock and roll hits and a few original songs.  Occasionally they will throw in the odd punk song with a bluegrass feel.

Lewis has been playing electric guitar and drums since the ripe young age of 13. He has played in rock and punk bands in the past and currently sings and plays acoustic guitar and harmonica in Backyard Burners. Mark has played banjo for longer than he would care to remember although he is fond of telling people he only took it up ‘at Christmas’. One listen to his amazing picking lets you know that this isn’t true. He provides backing vocals and lead vocals on some tracks. Sarah was coerced into learning the double bass in order to join the band and had never played an instrument before. Luckily she picked it up quite well – she also sings backing vocals and some lead vocals.

Having witnessed the band in full flight, we are looking forward to them setting our festival alight!