Almost there….


The bill for May Day Festival of Solidarity 2017 is almost complete. We are proper excited about it and we hope you will be too.

Following the success of last year’s event we wanted to build the festival into a full weekend of music, poetry and speeches so put Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April in your diary and look out for announcements about tickets very, very soon.

The venue is The Old School House in Barnsley. This is the same venue as last year, but renamed and refitted with two amazing stages which will suit our alternating platforms perfectly and give you non-stop aceness all day.

We have two very special headliners to announce over the coming weeks, but our bill already includes some monumental artists including have Lily Gaskell, Thee Faction, Burning Ferns, Claire Mooney, Grigio, Interrobang‽, A Firm Of Poets, Naomi Bedford, Attila the Stockbroker, Chris T-T, The Wimmins’ Institute, Lilith Ai, The Hurriers, Left Ahead, Efa Supertramp, Robb Johnson, Blyth Power, Dave Burland, Calum Baird and, yes, Joe Solo.

Comperes will be Attila, Jethro Platts and Matt Abbott.

This year we will be making WE SHALL OVERCOME collections of cash, food and warm clothing to pass on to those at the sharp end of the cuts in #FoodBankBritain, so if you can spare a few tins, some socks and gloves or a couple of quid then please feel free to help that side of our campaigning too.

We’ll be posting artist biogs and links to websites and music over the coming weeks to get you all in the mood, and please make sure you share our links and messages to help spread the word. May Day Festival of Solidarity is BACK.

Just as last year we will be mixing speeches from unions and campaigning groups into the program, bringing voices together from up and down the UK to celebrate International Worker’s Day and to compare notes for the struggles ahead.

I know last year’s event was a big hit with those of you who helped pack the place out and gave our festival the perfect start, so we’re hoping you’ll be inspired enough to come back for more.

Make sure you get your tickets early, as we rather think you’ll want to be at this one….

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